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$OPTT- Swing Service Review

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October 24, 2016
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November 16, 2016

I want to share with you a recent swing alert I made in $OPTT. This stock is incredibly volatile, having run from $1.50 in late May to a high of over $15 in July, with several massive spikes and dips in that period. It then floated lower, as volume diminished. You’ll often see a situation like this with volatile stocks; a piece of news drives interest up massively, then when interest diminishes and the momentum traders move on to something else, the gains fade and the stock drifts back down to its starting point. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more trading opportunities.



After it steadily dropped from $8 down to below $3, I started watching it closely, for a couple reasons. First, stocks will only run so far in one direction before they bounce or pull back in the other direction. This doesn’t necessarily mean the original trend is going to reverse, but even a temporary bounce can provide great profit opportunities.

The second reason I was watching $OPTT is that it’s reaching a significant support level, increasing the odds of a bounce significantly.

Once I saw this developing, I zoomed in on a 15 minute chart to watch for a bottoming trend. Once I spotted that pattern, I entered at $3.4. We rode it up to a $3.65 exit, for a total gain of 7.35%.



Swing service subscribers received both the entry and exit alert in time to follow the trade. This trade in $OPTT brings the overall swing trading service portfolio to an all time high of 40.12% since inception! The great thing about this service – aside from the consistent profits – is how easy it is to follow. Most of my subscribers have full time jobs and simply cannot sit at a computer all day to day trade, but it’s completely unnecessary with this service. I provide actionable alerts that can be followed from your computer or phone.

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