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DOW 20K and January Trades ($GPRE $LGCY $QCP ETC..)

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December 8, 2016

Wow! The market finally passed 20k on the DOW and is at all time highs. I am finishing the month strong, with a decent amount of profits, and made a couple of videos explaining my thought process and strategy. I go over the WHY behind my trades I hope you enjoy it!!


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January is ending strong for me and the swing subscribers. The entire swing portfolio is up 12% in January. One of the topics that I preach in my educational course and swing service is the importance of honoring stops. If you want to be successful at doing this long term, then this habit is something you MUST develop early on. No matter how great of a stock picker you are, no one is perfect. Trades will go against you. You have to be willing to stop out of them once your plan for the trade fails and move on to the next one. My January started off choppy, but sticking to my stops and continuing to trade my strategy, resulted in a big run the last few weeks. See the entire 2016 and 2017 here. Tabs are at the bottom


The part about the swing service that everyone loves is that the trades are low risk, high reward setups and if you position size properly, you don’t have to sweat watching every tick. The alerts are sent out each day via email and text message with my complete game plan for them. A separate alert is sent out for both entries and exits.

I am constantly adding new content to my you tube channel each day, so make sure that you subscribe to it. As always, if you have questions, email info@traderstoolbox.net

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