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$OPTT- Swing Service Review
October 31, 2016
Why Trading Less will Result in a Bigger Profit
December 3, 2016
The month of November has been great for the swing service alerts, with 18 of 20 trades closing green! There are a couple that I would like to highlight for you, as they provide valuable lessons.

The first is $LMAT



This stock has had a nice consistent uptrend for several months. It has significant periods of upward movement, followed by orderly retreats to support. I entered at $22.50 as it moved off of support and over resistance. The volume provided additional confirmation. I sold at $23.75 for a nice 5.56% profit.

$BOOT was a similar alert.


It's been making a steady upwards trend since this summer, with only one significant pull back to support. The area it had struggled and failed to exceed was just over $13. After the consolidation period in September and October, it seemed likely that $BOOT might finally have the steam to cross that resistance spot, so I had it on my watchlist.  When it cleared and held over $13, I entered at $13.35. I then exited at $14.05 for a 5.24% return.

There are a couple things you will notice about both of this alerts. First, they have clean, clear patterns. They are both in long term uptrends, making our shorter term swing trades more likely to work. You'll also notice that both are low risk. They have clear spots at which we could have stopped out if they failed, with minimal loss. The upside was also significant enough to offer the promise of several percentage point returns, but not so volatile that they could just as easily plunge 10% in a day as gain 10%.

These are the kinds of stocks I like to alert in my swing service: consistent and reliable, so you can make a nice return following me, without the stress and hassle that more volatile stocks entail. They are also simple to understand, so you can learn how to find and trade them yourself, if you want.

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